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Production technology (processing technology)

Production technology is a task of “designing and managing production process”, corresponding to the request for launching a new work, optimal process design, selection of production equipment, risk assessment at the time of production, instruction of test cutting and quality assurance We will collaborate with the group. Review at the first production and improve if you find problems in the process. The greatest role of production technology is to improve productivity. For productivity it is necessary to make maximum use of both people and equipment. In other words, it is important to monitor and improve how many products are manufactured from machinery and how efficiently people are working. Some of the production technologies are responsible for creating machining programs. This is to create a program to be used when processing with machine equipment by using 3D-CAD / CAM and simulator.
Production technology (processing technology)

Machining (manufacturing)

Machining is the task of manufacturing products using various machinery facilities such as NC lathe and machining center at the manufacturing site, creating some machining program, preparing some machining program, detaching workpieces, in-process inspection etc. It is an occupational occupation which may be called the forefront of manufacturing, which is an important task to support day-to-day production activities.
Machining (manufacturing)

Production control

Production management is the task of planning and progress management to produce the necessary amount of products at the necessary timing. Specifically, they are responsible for planning the production system, determining process / processing procedure, process progress management, personnel allocation / management, product shipping / inventory management, etc. In addition to the manufacturing site, development, accounting, quality control, supplier It is a work that needs cooperation with various departments and stakeholders such as. Production management involves many of the processes that the products we have handed out to customers, and is one of the longest occupations involved in products.
Production control

Quality assurance / quality control

Quality assurance is the task of checking whether the product to be shipped is of a quality that satisfies all of the customer’s requirements, creating and maintaining inspection documents to ensure that the quality is satisfied with the shipping standards, When defective items come out, we will investigate and develop measures to prevent recurrence. Meanwhile, quality control is a work to examine ‘How can I prevent defective products from being created’ at the time of product manufacture, we will consider the current defect rate, improvement targets and methods of improvement.

Robot system integrator

Robot system integrator is a job planning, implementation and operation of application of robot to production process, and it carries out planning concept, specification definition, basic / detailed design, manufacture, test and operation. Through project management, we will conduct robot work coverage, schedule, cost management, quality control, risk management. In addition, in advanced and large-scale cases, it may not be possible to carry out with only the in-house system, and in that case we will also work in cooperation with outside integrators and coordinate the adjustment.

Machine assembly

Our assembly items mainly include weighing instruments, pumps, valves, etc. We will assemble them into one unit using parts machined by our company and parts procured from outside through cooperation of suppliers. As customer’s specifications are diverse, we do not assemble them on a line, and assembly personnel will assemble one by one.


Since we have many new work launches, sales that require the first understanding of customer requirements within the company is a very important task. Sometimes customers may be able to hear from you once the specifications have been firmly determined, there are cases where we will ask for consideration with only handwritten sketches. While making proposals that can satisfy customers’ requests, sales themselves also play a role in project teaming up teams and collaborating with related departments such as production technology and quality assurance to project projects.